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Why choose Krypto Alerts?

We are the #1 crypto signal trading solution. Trusted by over 10,000+ traders

Powerful Alerts

Access to automated advanced crypto alerts in seconds. Our buy and sell signals along with technical analysis will give you the leading edge in the crypto markets.

Real Time Notifications

Receive instant push notifications via Telegram and SMS. You will ever miss out on a winning trade again. Works on any device and it's real time data.

24/7 Monitoring

Our system monitors the markets 24/7 so you do not have to. Our professionals monitor all major exchanges and cryptocurrencies.


Efficient & Powerful

The majority of cryptocurrency services only have a limited number of notifications. Krypto Alerts will provide you with specific instant buy alerts, sell alerts, stop loss placement, upcoming watch list plays, and all with premium accuracy. Our professional traders and analysts from around the world will send winning signals daily before the rest of the market gets access.

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Automatic Alerts & Optimization

Krypto Alerts keep track of over 30 exchanges and over 10,000 different cryptocurrency trading pairs. From our advanced signals to detecting activity, our premium suite of features will be the only set of indicators you will need. Data is analyzed in real time and provides optimal trading signals which allows you to make the most out of every trading opportunity.

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All-Inclusive Membership

Professional trading signals service made simple & easy to use, straight to your device.


No Contract / Cancel Anytime

  • Real Time Buy and Sell Alerts: 24/7
  • Altcoins and Futures Signals
  • VIP Telegram Alerts w/ Scanners & Bots
  • Upcoming Watch List Plays
  • 75%+ Accuracy - Higher than any other platform
  • 10,000 Cryptocurrencies Watched
  • 30+ Exchanges Tracked
  • 24/7 Access to Our Support Team
  • Copy Pro Trades
  • Generate Profits 100%



"Last week, I was just blindly trading around. I made a few profitable trades, but overall I was losing. So I ended up finding Krypto Alerts and signed up. Within the first days I had made the membership fee back, all of my losses from before and even more! Every signal that they sent out and I've bought into has hit its first target at a minimum. I've tripled my money with the XRP, BTC, and ETH calls. If you're considering I would recommend. It's was a life changer!"

−−Verified Member

“I can’t believe how well Krypto Alerts has helped! I went from losing money trading to earning money almost instantly!! This has been the best investment I have made. I would recommend to anybody out there struggling or just getting started.”

−−Verified Member

“Where has this been all my life! I wanted to get out of my 9-5 job and knew crypto was where the future was headed. Started trading but needed immediate help. Thankfully for Krypto Alerts this has changed my life! I receive the best alerts before everyone else. I am able to make trade and profit. This is unreal, everybody needs to get involved!”

−−Verified Member

“Ended up giving this alert system a shot and I have been day trading for years. Never thought it would help as much as it has. Real time alerts all day. I have doubled my portfolio since using these alerts! Thank you so much for this. You have a customer for life!”

−−Verified Member

"The trading forecasts are sensible and explains themselves well. Doesn't give outrageous signals, seems logical. I have actually seen them be right more often so I was shocked at first. I was a little skeptical, but at the end of my first week I have been 4 profitable trades and up 195% in my portfolio."

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frequently asked questions.

Once you have an all-inclusive membership purchased, you will then get an email with instant access to our premium groups on Telegram. Once you receive access you will be able to access our premium signals 24/7. In these groups you will be provided automated trading signals, a full community, and optimization.

Our service works with all cryptocurrency markets on all timeframes. You will be able to utilize our toolkits for scalping, swing trading, long term holds, and more. The tools and alerts provided will fit any style of trading. We are currently tracking over 30 exchanges and 10,000+ cryptocurrencies.

No, not every signal alert we provide will give you the magic solution to winning every trade. Please be weary of any service out there claiming this. We provide professional traders, analysts, and AI to provide you the with incredible accuracy we have. Our tools provided will give you the best advantage in the markets.

Absolutely, if you are new to trading, we make out system very easy to use and as simple as possible for all to understand. You will have 24/7 access to our professional support team with any questions or concerns.

Our alerts are sent out multiple times daily and are real time and up to the second. Once a signal is sent out in the group you will see first the entry position whether it is a short or long. Then below you will see the crypto to buy and the price range to buy the coin. Next there will an indicator for any leverage if used. Below that will be a minimum of 3 take profit targe prices in order to maximize profits. The last indicator will be the stop loss alert to minimize any losses. We will also send out a technical analysis chart with the signal.



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